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About You

This page details the skills and personal qualities that we know are essential for being a successful Community Constable. So it's time to think carefully about your own values, behaviours, abilities and characteristics and decide whether becoming a Community Constable is right for you.

So what are we looking for?

As a Community Constable, it's essential that you're a member of, known to and respected by the community, as these will be the people you are relating to and working with on a daily basis. You must be of excellent character and have sound knowledge and understanding of the cultures and societies within your community, demonstrating the ability to communicate effectively and sensitively.

You'll need to be medically fit and will have to undertake a medical examination.

In addition to having an unrestricted or probationary class 'car' driving licence, you'll also need experience in driving both manual and automatic vehicles.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, but you must have the necessary life skills and a sound work history. If you can demonstrate or produce evidence of an ability to cope with the academic aspects of training and subsequent demands of a Community Constable's duties, you may be considered for selection. This will include studies and/or qualifications as well as a satisfactory work record.

The entry requirements are the same regardless of your age. All applicants will have to undergo the same application and testing process.

This depends on how many and the circumstances surrounding them. Discuss any concerns you have with the Police Recruiting Section before you apply.

You'll be interviewed within the community where the vacancy exists.

There is no accommodation at the Police Academy so there is no requirement to live in.

If accepted into the Police Academy, your uniform will be supplied to you.

You'll work at the location for which you were selected.

Following graduation you are assessed on your workplace competence and supported by the provision of regulated workplace training to maintain and enhance your required skills.

Following graduation you can continue to study and apply for promotion to become a senior community constable.

You may be able to have assisted rent while living in government-organised housing if you do not already own a house at that location.

Yes, depending on an assessment of job performance and providing a vacancy exists at the location where you wish to move.