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Here you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions.

English is my second language. What level of proficiency is required?

It would be in your best interest to be proficient in English.

Does SAPOL recruit a particular cultural group?

South Australia Police (SAPOL) is an equal opportunity employer. We recruit to reflect the cultural diversity of the population and the South Australian community.

I've not completed Year 12. Can I still apply?

Yes, but you must have the necessary life skills and a sound work history. If you can demonstrate or produce evidence of an ability to cope with the academic aspects of training and subsequent demands of a Community Constable's duties, you may be considered for selection. This will include studies and/or qualifications as well as a satisfactory work record.

Does South Australia Police have different pre-entry requirements for mature-age entrants?

The entry requirements are the same regardless of your age. All applicants will have to undergo the same application and testing process.

I have a few speeding fines. Will that prevent me from applying?

This depends on how many and the circumstances surrounding them. Discuss any concerns you have with the Police Recruiting Section.

Where does the selection interview take place?

You'll be interviewed within the community where the vacancy exists.

How long is the training at the Police Academy?

You'll spend approximately three months training at the Police Academy.

Do I get paid during the training period?

Yes, you'll be paid as soon as you start training at the Academy. The salary ranges are as below:

Rank increment range

Annual Salary

Community Constable 1 to 3
$51,500 to $56,908
Senior Community Constable 1 to 4
$58,710 to $62,315

Shift allowances are paid in addition to normal salary

If accepted into the Academy, do I have to live on grounds?

There is no accommodation at the Police Academy so there is no requirement to live in.

Do I have to pay for my own uniform?

If accepted into the Police Academy, your uniform will be supplied to you.

Where is the Police Academy?

It is located on Strathfield Terrace, Taperoo, approximately 30 minutes drive north-east from the Adelaide city centre.

After graduation, which police station will I be posted to?

You'll work at the location for which you were selected.

Is there a period of probation?

Community constables don't have a period of probationary appointment.

Are there further studies after I graduate?

Following graduation you are assessed on your workplace competence and supported by the provision of regulated workplace training to maintain and enhance your required skills.

If I have been selected for a country location am I supplied with housing?

You may be able to have assisted rent while living in government-organised housing if you do not already own a house at that location.

Can I move from my selected location to another location?

Yes, depending on an assessment of job performance and providing a vacancy exists at the location where you wish to move.