See yourself in the uniform and achieve more

Why Join Us?

There are many reasons to join SAPOL as a Community Constable, such as the rewarding experiences, the chance to make a significant contribution and to gain the respect and support of the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in performing what is an extremely challenging and unique role.

Like SAPOL, your local communities want people who are committed to protecting them from crime and disorder. That's where you can have a positive influence.

Actively involved in a wide range of programs and forums aimed at addressing key issues that affect your community, you'll provide immeasurable benefit to the non-Aboriginal members who you work alongside - making all the difference to how we work together.

Working at various urban and regional locations throughout South Australia, you'll be able to use your understanding of cultural and social issues within the local community to break down any barriers and improve policing services. Hear from one of our Community Constables as he tells you in his own words what it means to make a contribution and Achieve More with his career.

Once you join us, you will be trained at the Police Academy in Taperoo. You'll be paid from when you start your training and will receive six weeks annual leave. In addition to your normal salary, there are also penalty rates for working shifts and weekends.

Once you graduate from training as a specially sworn Community Constable you'll initially have limited powers, but through experience and the further training we'll provide, you'll gain the opportunity to be appointed with increased responsibilities. Then after a three-year period you'll become a Senior Community Constable and enjoy an increase of wages.

Also, following three years' service you can consider transitioning to general duties policing. You will be required to undertake the normal recruit selection process first, but your subsequent training and probationary period are adjusted having regard to your years of service and experience as a Community Constable.