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Day in the Life

As an operational Police Officer, there is no such thing as a typical ‘day at the office’. It’s just one of the reasons why being a Police Officer is so interesting and exciting. You’ll find we have a very dynamic environment and you can’t always be sure what the day ahead will hold.

When you arrive at work, you and your team are briefed on the issues from the previous patrol shift. Once you’re updated, you and your partner or team are then on call, ready to respond to any type of situation – searching for a lost child, a domestic dispute, state emergency, armed robbery and so much more. As you can appreciate, this means you need to be prepared at all times. Urgent situations arise and you'll need to be alert, taking in all the details. Then the training you receive at the Academy and on the job kicks in. It's vital in providing you with the necessary skills to deal with whatever is happening. Of course there are days when you'll spend more time doing paperwork or patrolling the streets, but these days bring their own challenges. There's a lot of variety when you're a Police Officer and being able to deal with all the different elements of the work is always rewarding.