See yourself in the uniform and achieve more

The Academy

Once you’ve been accepted onto the Constable Development Program, you’ll join up to 30 other recruits on your course at the Academy.

The training you undertake here can be intense. As well as developing you as an individual, it’s designed to test you both physically and mentally to see if you have what it takes to be a Police Officer. You might find it challenging, especially at the beginning and you’ll find we place a great deal of responsibility for learning in your hands. However, we want to see you graduate and will provide the environment and support to help you achieve your goals.

At the Police Academy you'll:

  • have lessons on law, investigations and procedure
  • undertake operational safety training, for example: searching and handcuffing, restraint and control techniques, self-defence techniques, incident management and physical conditioning
  • undertake basic police driver training
  • train in the use of firearms
  • participate in practical role play scenarios to simulate the operational policing environment
  • maintain police paperwork to simulate operational requirements
  • generate, access and maintain computer-based records and reports.

What you learn on the course will be assessed in both theory and practical exams.

The table below outlines the phases of your cadet training (12 months in total):

Phase Location Training
Phase 1 Based at the Academy Learning law and procedures
and operational safety training.
Phase 2 'Outphase' in the metropolitan LSA LSA placements (including police stations and cells).
Phase 3 Based at the Academy Learning about advanced investigation and Criminal Law as well as operational safety training.
Phase 4 'Outphase' in metropolitan LSA Operations and Traffic Sections Patrols including traffic, station and cell duties (including shift work).
Phase 5 Based at the Academy Consolidation of learning and training and final assessments, preparation for graduation.