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Our History

In 1838 South Australian Governor Sir John Hindmarsh proclaimed the first police service in Australia, which comprised of 10 foot and 10 mounted constables. Since that historic day, SAPOL has grown, yet our motto reflects the same aim – Keeping SA Safe.

Although tradition has been prominent throughout SAPOL’s history, our reputation for achievement has undoubtedly been forged by the thousands of past and present employees who have committed to serving the people of South Australia.

Our vision, to provide a visible, responsive police service for all South Australians, was developed in 2013 to reflect a renewed emphasis on accountability and service delivery. Although it would have meant little to those 10 foot and 10 mounted constables when they were appointed back in 1838, our vision persists and is supported by SAPOL's history, which highlights that the needs of our community will always change over time. While it is ultimately up to the community to judge our ongoing performance, the vision reflects pride in seeking to build a reputation for excellence.

One of the most recent developments in SAPOL's history was the launch of SAPOL's Protective Security Officers in 2008.

This new class of security officer was created to ensure SAPOL can enhance government security arrangements, and improve our capability and capacity to prepare for and respond to the threat of terrorism through the provision of high quality, professionally delivered services. Joining the Police Security Services Branch as a Protective Security Officer gives you a range of authorities to maintain or restore the security of places, persons and vehicles.