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The Process

As well as demonstrating the essential requirements of the role our comprehensive recruitment process is designed to assess all elements of your suitability to become a Protective Security Officer, as well as ensuring that SAPOL is the right career destination for you.

Once you've decided that you'd like to apply, you should complete our application form. After you send your application, there are a number of steps to the recruitment process and it may take some time to complete. You may be required to undergo a polygraph test as part of this process and a DNA sample will be obtained to assist with integrity checks. It's essential that we carry out thorough background checks, so you may need to be patient throughout the following process:

Prior to submitting your application you will need to sit the SAPOL RECRUITMENT TEST (TAFE SA). The test covers the minimum requirements for reading, numeracy and literacy and is conducted by TAFE SA. From January 2016, University graduates holding a Bachelor Degree or higher (recognised under the Australian Qualification Framework) are not required to complete the SAPOL Recruitment Test (TAFE SA). All other applicants must submit evidence of successful completion of the SAPOL Recruitment Test (TAFE SA) with their application.

The current pass marks for the SAPOL RECRUITMENT TEST for Protective Security Officer are:

Reading: 50%
Writing: 50%
Spelling: 50%
Numeracy: 50%

The Steps

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1. Evaluation and Testing

After an evaluation of your application you may be invited for testing including the completion of an IQ test and personality profile.

2. Panel Interview

After an evaluation of your testing, you may be invited to attend a Panel Interview. This is your opportunity to demonstrate the qualities and qualifications, such as leadership, decisiveness, problem solving, stress management and integrity that will enable you to develop as a Protective Security Officer.

3. Medical Examination

In order to take part in training and duties, you'll need to meet the required medical standards and will undertake an examination conducted by our Police Medical Section. If you're over 35, you must undertake an electrocardiogram (ECG) at your own expense.

4. Computer Testing

This test, carried out at the Academy, is to assess your computer competencies (PDF, 98kb). You can prepare with our Sample Text (DOC, 37kb) and compare your results with our
Completed Test (PDF, 78kb). You can also download our Marking Guide (PDF, 57kb).

5. Physical Testing

PSOs are only required to complete a physical testing (PDF, 44kb) component which includes a shuttle run and push ups.

6. Selection

This is the final stage of our recruitment process and it involves careful review of your file by a Selection Board that makes the final decision regarding an offer of employment.

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